Joint Pain

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More intense training than your joints could handle? No worries, we got you covered! Get rid of your inflamed joints and get back to your workout routine.


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Inflammed joints from training more intense than you probobly should? And on top of that you have zero interest in taking any time off from workouts? No problem. Bioven has provided help for sportspeople, even at elite level with our immune modulator. One national soccer team uses it, and keeps their players in proper condition. Other than getting rid of inflammed and painful joints, you get a really boosted immune system and increases your chanses of staying healthy, even throughout the most intense competetive seasons.

How does it work? – Simply stated by returning the body’s immune system to a normal state, then the autoimmune condition is no longer a problem. It aslo contains the highest and purest amount of allowable active ingredients under the FDA guidelines for OTC venom medicines, therefore assuring you of the best most reliable and beneficial product.

Because the Bioven is in a dried form and packaged in a multilayered re-sealable foil package the active ingredients do not degrade as a liquid preparation will over time. The Bioven dosage is uniform and consistent, no estimating how much to use. Therefore, Bioven is much more stable than any liquid or gel product, and you can be confident that the dosage that you start with will be consistent all the way until the last dose is taken.  Over-the-counter medications is sometime cheap and as with everything; you get what you pay for. If you feel the price of Bioven is costly, we can inform you that this kind of treatment used to be sold at tripple the price as an injectable drug. Not only more expensive, but also not the ‘do-it-yourself’ kind. Recently Bioven was modified to be available as a sublingual dosage form (dissolves under the tongue) that has shown to be more effective than the injectable and with faster systemic action. This means that relief comes sooner, and with dosage as ‘disolving stripes’ instead of injection: the price is lower. Also this is something you more than easily can do by yourself. The Bioven dosage is uniform and consistent, no need estimating ‘how much to use’ any more.

Getting rid of inflamed joints & get back to workout routine – What is it worth to you?



Dosage BIOVEN is taken sublingual (under the tongue) in doses of I tab (0.1 ml) each day for a minimum of 15 days or until effective. The severity of the disease will determine the total number of doses. Upward of 90 dose) have been given when necessary without any harmful systemic side effects.
Directions for use BIOVEN is administered sub-lingual under the tongue. The dose is 0.1 ml(cc) per tab dosage form. If the BIOVEN is accidentally swallowed (not sublingual) it will not be effective. BIOVEN should be administered daily in the recommended doses of one (1)tab (0.1 ml) for at least 15 days (or doses) or until positive results are obtained or the treatment discontinued. The duration of treatment or the number of doses depends upon the severity of the condition. Some patients have received over 90 doses when necessary without any harmful side effects. If more than the recommended dose (0.1 ml) of BIOVEN is administered no harm will result. Some patients have received as much as 4 tabs without any harmful systemic side effects. However, the larger doses are no more effective than the recommended dose of 1 tab.
Indications BIOVEN has been reported to be very effective in the treatment of such conditions as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Herpes Zoster (Shingles),Herpes Kerititis (ophthalmic), Herpes Simplex and immune disorders such as Lupis.
Action The exact mode of action of BIOVEN is unknown at present. Current research indicates that its effectiveness is due to enzymatic and/or immunologic action.
Reactions None systemically. If the patient is highly allergic or sensitive, oral administration of a low dose OTC anti-histamine prior to the dose tab may be helpful. Extensive animal tests demonstrated no ill effects even after receiving five (5) times the normal human dose. Teratogenic studies showed no genetic changes in at least five generations.
Precautions This product is not intended for use in children, pregnant or nursing females .
Toxicity None. doses containing as much as 1 ml of BIOVEN in laboratory mice and 2 ml in humans demonstrated no deleterious systemic effects.



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